Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Top 100 Tracks November 2014



Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Top 100 Tracks November 2014
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001.Natema – Everybody Does (Original Mix)
002.Lika Morgan – Gone Tomorrow (Me & My Toothbrush Remix)
003.Boogie Vice – Bel Air (Original Mix)
004.Sugar Hill – Help me to Remember (Original Mix)
005.Nora En Pure – True (Mark Lower Remix)
006.The Beatangers, Boogie Vice – Bad Girl (Original Mix)
007.Disciples – They Don’t Know (Original Mix)
008.Sharam Jey & Daniel Fernandes – Jump Up (Original Mix)
009.Sharam Jey, Chemical Surf & Illusionize – Bass (Original Mix)
010.Stan Kolev – Troubled (Croatia Squad Remix)
011.Croatia Squad – Touch Me (Original Mix)
012.Kolombo – I Got What You Need (Original Mix)
013.Sharam Jey, Volac & Blacat – Get Tipsy (Original Mix)
014.Otto Knows – Parachute (CamelPhat Remix)
015.Croatia Squad – Milking (Original Mix)
016.Clyde P – Blow (Original Mix)
017.Tapetenwechsel – Feel You (Original Mix)
018.Sugar Hill & Wasabi – Its On You (Original Mix)
019.Simone Vitullo, Rockeed – The Power (Original Mix)
020.Croatia Squad – Drop That Skirt (Original Mix)
021.Sharam Jey & Loulou Players – Hum Hum (Tapesh Remix)
022.Lissat & Voltaxx – Flowers & Afterhours (Giom Remix)
023.Giom – Dr Zapp feat. Apple Rochez (Original Mix)
024.Karen Pollard – Reach Out To Me (Ralph Lawson & Tuccillo Remix)
025.Mart feat. Casey – Hollywood (Original Mix)
026.Roman Flugel – Wilkie (Original Mix)
027.Flores, Giacca – Not Yours (Original Mix)
028.Redman, Method Man, Sugarstarr, Goh – I Used To Be (Extended Mix)
029.Cristian Poow, Javier Penna – Number One (Original Mix)
030.Oriano – Pony (feat. Ray Horton) (Original Mix)
031.Ashibah, Vintage Culture, Earstrip & Torha – Sure Thing feat. Ashibah (Matvey Emerson Remix)
032.The Beatangers – Nigga Who (Original Mix)
033.Yves Paquet, Earstrip & Torha – Living As A Hustler feat. Yves Paquet (Original Mix)
034.Sirus Hood – Magic Stick (Original Mix)
035.The Beatangers, Boogie Vice – Let Me See Your Hips (Original Mix)
036.Yolanda Be Cool, Dcup – Sugar Man (Vanilla Ace Remix)
037.Shiba San – I Like Your Booty (Original Mix)
038.Session Victim – Never Forget (Original Mix)
039.Lissat & Voltaxx, Marc Fisher – Groovejet (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix)
040.Ashibah, Vintage Culture, Earstrip & Torha – Sure Thing feat. Ashibah (Original Mix)
041.Tube & Berger & in.deed – Highness (Original Mix)
042.Bondye, Lee Jo – Never Too Much (Original Mix)
043.Milkwish – Snap Chat (Original Mix)
044.In and Out & Puka – Frozen (Original Mix)
045.Remi Mazet – I Felt This Way Before
046.Saccao & Vanilla Ace – Vibe (Original Mix)
047.Dash Groove, illusionize – Keep Down (Original Mix)
048.Sirus Hood – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
049.Jonathan Posso – Highdrolix (Original Mix)
050.Redford, Kyrill, Ted Dade – Green & Colors Like It (Original Mix)
051.Tobtok – Savanna feat. River (Keljet Remix)
052.The M Machine – Just Like (Original Mix)
053.Calippo – Need A Friend (Original Mix)
054.Yves Paquet, Earstrip & Torha – Living As A Hustler feat. Yves Paquet (Jean Bacarreza Rmx)
055.Da Sunlounge – Much More (Miguel Campbell Remix)
056.Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Extended Mix)
057.Session Victim – Stick Together (Original Mix)
058.C.A.R. – Idle Eyes (Roman Fluegel Remix)
059.PowerDress – Torture (Original Mix)
060.Diamn – I Got More Clothes Than Muhammad Ali (Original Mix)
061.Giom – Moving to Chicago (Original Mix)
062.The Beatangers – I Don’t Give a Fuck (Original Mix)
063.Thee Cool Cats & Jean Bacarreza – We Buzzin’ (Original Mix)
064.Dash Groove, illusionize – Wobble-dy (Original Mix)
065.Kyrill & Redford – Dadance (Original Mix)
066.The Beatangers – What’s That Sound (Original Mix)
067.Talamanca System – Balanzat (Tuff City Kids Remix)
068.L.O.O.P, Jean Bacarreza – Criticize (Original Mix)
069.Jon Sine – Good For You (Original Mix)
070.Amine Edge & DANCE – Lost (Original Mix)
071.Yves Murasca & Rockaforte feat. Silvia – Heartless Beatings (Tapesh Remix)
072.Alex Lewis – Just So Right (Funk Leblanc Remix)
073.Andre Bratten – Trommer Og Bass (Original Mix)
074.Nytron, Jean Bacarreza – Tonight (Original Mix)
075.Heavy Pins, Malikk – Let’s Panic (Original Mix)
076.Nora En Pure – True (Original Mix)
077.CPI – Proceso (Barnt Remix)
078.Mijo – Working Late (Original Mix)
079.Earstrip, Torha – Cook & Roll (Original Mix)
080.Rockaforte – Not Yours, Not Mine (Serio Remix)
081.Double_think – Bimbou (Original Mix)
082.Cedric Zeyenne – Over Again (Mart Remix)
083.Ayla – Wish I Was (Tapesh Remix)
084.Alex Metric & Oliver – Galaxy (Original Mix)
085.Max Vertigo & SevenEver feat. Alaine – No One Knows (5prite Dirty Mix)
086.David Penn, Rae, Rober Gaez – I Lift My Hands (Original Mix)
087.LouLou Players & Daniel Fernandes – Hot! (Original Mix)
088.Mark E – Night Heart (Original Mix)
089.Art Department, Seth Troxler – Cruel Intentions Feat. Seth Troxler (Original Mix)
090.Thomass Jackson – Bad Chat (Original Mix)
091.Croatia Squad – Pop Your Pussy (Original Mix)
092.The M Machine – Don’t Speak (Original Mix)
093.Matvey Emerson feat. Rene – Alright (Original Mix)
094.Rene, Matvey Emerson, Rockaforte – Dreams feat. Rene (Mark Lower Remix)
095.Kerb Staller – Siren Song (Club Mix)
096.Nora En Pure – You Are My Pride (Croatia Squad Remix)
097.Ayk Sarkisyan – Like That (Original Mix)
098.Flex Cop – Busy This Busy That (Original Mix)
099.Clyde P – Purple Feeling (Original Mix)
100.Horny United & Zito, Alray – Heartbreaker (Matvey Emerson Remix)