Artist: Various Artists
Title Of Album: Moaning Deep House
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Softcore Lounge Records
Genre: Electronic, Deep House
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Total Time: 01:22:45
Total Size: 190 mb



01. Femme (New York Deep Mix) – Times Square Vibes
02. Trip (Eivissa Beach Mix) – Island Diva
03. Inspiration (La Playa Serena Mix) – Martin Guess
04. Taking on a Pilot (The Room Mix) – Hotel 69
05. A Relaxing Embrace (Suspended Mix) – Tom Parry
06. Blow Your Mind (Houzy Style Mix) – Brooklyn Crew
07. Out of the Blue (Dominique Santos Mix) – Danny Hay
08. A Jungle of Misteries (Deep Republic Mix) – Lorentz Senneizer
09. On the Deep Vibe (Styled in House Mix) – Blue Deep
10. Deep Rolling Roll (Miami Groove Mix) – 5th Element
11. Honey (Excellence in Rhythms Mix) – Excelsior Groove
12. An Endless Path (City Mix) – Blue Houtel
13. Deep Loop of Other Times (Marius Fareneit Mix) – Deep Republic
14. Nanana (All the Ladies Says) [Milady Mix] – Bianco Piano
15. Love Melody (Light & Passerella Mix) – Modell & Mercier
16. Kiss Me on the Beach (Maurice’s Rising Mix) – Zero Beats
17. Criminal Mind (Cinematic Deep Groove Mix) – Brooklyn Lovers
18. Orion Constellation (Buck Rodger Mix) – Rene’ La Sanne