Mastiksoul – Jungle Terror (Original Mix)


Mastiksoul - Jungle Terror (Original Mix)
Artist: Mastiksoul
Title: Jungle Terror (Original Mix)
Genre: Electro House
Release Date: 2015-07-31
Quality: 320kbps
Tracks: 1

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Mastiksoul – Jungle Terror (Original Mix)

“Jungle Terror” bursts to life from the moment it starts. Matiksoul unleashes a blast off with bouncing, throbbing drums that give way to a symphony of horns. If wasn’t clear where the song is set, an echoing voice takes over the top line bellowing “We Are In The Jungle”. The breakdown gives way to a high energy frenzy of chimes that will set off crowds at festivals across the globe. Chuckie and Dirty Dutch Music strive to promote new, forward thinking musical ventures. Genre limitations are a thing of the past and “Jungle Terror” is a step towards spreading this vision. Stay tuned for the next release on Dirty Dutch Music, as Chuckie has big plans for the label.