Download Inspiring Deep House 2015
Label: Red Blossom Music
Style: House, Deep House
Quality 320kbps. Size 195MB. 18 Tracks
Release Date: 06-01-2015


01. The Groove Boyz- Com the House (feat. Cadillac) [Progression Vocal Mix] (05:43)
02. House Gamblers- Sunshine in My Deep (Liquid System Mix) (03:35)
03. Modell & Mercier- Love Melody (Light & Passerella Mix) (03:31)
04. Kobra- I Really Like It (feat. Donna Loca) [Sexy House Mix] (05:49)
05. Kenzo Reffari- New Bar Room (Deep Passion Mix) (05:42)
06. Jeff Sonner- Mouffin (The House Beats Mix) (03:25)
07. Heart Groove- Sad Sea Waves (Deepsoul Mix) (05:41)
08. Innboch- Cats (Le Groove Mix) (05:22)
09. Soulphonica- Sky Line (Martin Martinez Mix) (05:22)
10. Oscar Cajeta- No Matter (Le Monde Mix) (05:22)
11. Dream Control- Escape from Fiction (Nailon Gray Deep Mix) (03:33)
12. Blue Houtel- An Endless Path (City Mix) (03:35)
13. Nigel Fray- I Feel No Wind (Nobil Homus Mix) (03:32)
14. Boston Beach- Heart Deep (American Dreams Deep Mix) (03:19)
15. Danny Hay- Like It’s Over (Baston & Liegi Mix) (06:25)
16. Zero Beats- Kiss Me on the Beach (Maurice’s Rising Mix) (03:30)
17. Patrik Fay- Caution Man (House Groove Mix) (05:42)
18. Rene’ La Sanne- Orion Constellation (Buck Rodger Mix) (05:49)