Me & My Toothbrush, Paul Richmond - Borrow Love (Original Mix)
Artist: Me & My Toothbrush, Paul Richmond
Title: Borrow Love (Original Mix)
Genre: House
Release Date: 2015-08-03
Quality: 320kbps
Tracks: 1

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Me & My Toothbrush, Paul Richmond – Borrow Love (Original Mix)

It’s been exactly 1 year ago when we released our first release. If you follow our little label you might remember that it was PAUL RICHMOND who delivered an amazing 2 track EP called “Respect Me”.
To celebrate an amazing and overwhelming successful year over here at NO DEFINITION we’re happy to present another stunning release by Paul Richmond who teamed up with shooting star ME & MY TOOTHBRUSH to create an outstanding and highly animating nu-disco anthem that goes by the name of BORROW LOVE.
Paul adds an exclusive second track to the EP with THOSE DAYS: Hard shaped funkiness compressed in a solid disco tune with heavy bass line fragments and some fresh and anthemic vocal chops. An absolute must EP for all the lovers of this kinda music. Join the movement!