Traxsource Top 100 Soulful House March 2022

Traxsource Top 100 Soulful House March 2022
Download Traxsource Top 100 Soulful House March 2022
RELEASE TITLE:Traxsource Top 100 Soulful House March 2022
GENRES:Soulful House
RELEASE DATE:01.03.2022


  1. Ralf GUM, Paula – Give It To You Ralf GUM Main Mix
  2. DJ Fudge, Chinua Hawk – Tell Me This Is Love Vocal Mix
  3. Glenn Underground – Happy Hour Main Vox
  4. Barbara Tucker – Think (About It) Spen & Thommy’s Decadence Remix
  5. Mike Lindup – Time To Let Go Louie Vega Remix Expansions NYC Remix
  6. DJ Spen, Tasha LaRae – Soulful Storm Jovonn Remix
  7. MissFly, Deep Soul Syndicate – Ribbon In The Sky Original Mix
  8. Lyricl – When You Read This Atjazz Remix
  9. Frank McComb – Listen To Your Heart Laroye Remix
  10. Glenn Underground – Happy Hour Terry Hunter B*TCH Please Club Mix
  11. Matt Johnson (Keyboardist), Derrick McKenzie, Roki – Interstellar Love Micky More & Andy Tee Remix
  12. Bam, Leandria Johnson – Hold On David Harness Remix
  13. Soul II Soul – Keep On Movin’ Booker T Mix
  14. Shake The Dog, Monique Bingham – Run Jose Carretas Son Liva Remix
  15. Wayne Williams, DJ Spen, Richard Burton, Tasha LaRae – Let God Work Original Mix
  16. JBmixx – Little Girl Ezel Deeper Vibes Remix
  17. Lady Alma – Running For Nothing DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Vocal
  18. Mind Street, Pete Simpson – You Need This Time Laroye Remix
  19. Paul Johnson – Hear The Music Remix House 4 Life Jazz Remix
  20. Emmaculate – Voodoo Shannon Chambers 1Sound Remix
  21. N’dinga Gaba, DJ Spen, Marc Evans – Until You N’ Dinga Gaba And DJ Spen’s Decadance Remix
  22. JBmixx – Little Girl Ezel Vocal Remix
  23. Charles Dockins – Carousel Feat. Pedro Herrera CDock’s Orig. Concept Mix
  24. Cor.Ece – Possibly Impossible Crackazat Remix
  25. Steve Madera, Brian Alexander Morgan – Smile Mark Di Meo Remix
  26. Tyrah – Angel Beloved’s BPM After Dark Vocal
  27. Lee Wilson, Reelsoul, Cleveland P. Jones – Hold On Reelsoul Remix
  28. Booker T, Earl W. Green – When The Love Is Over Booker T Main Mix
  29. DJ Beloved – Orbit
  30. Soul Saver – Another Day
  31. T.Markakis, Becka – Bright Lights Extended Mix
  32. Kennedy Simone – He Loves Me Jerry C. King’s C.H.L.P. Mix
  33. Scott Diaz, LOA. – Somewhere Else Franck Roger Remix
  34. Moon Rocket, Paula – La Dolce Vita (The Magic Of Love)
  35. Neil Pierce, Hanlei – Risk It Main Mix
  36. Sy Sez, His Bitter Truth – Don’t You Worry Main Mix
  37. Ross Couch – Sweet Sensations
  38. Wez Whynt, Hannah Khemoh – Love Shy Extended Mix
  39. DJ Spen, Fonda Rae – Nobody But You DJ Spinna Remix
  40. Brown & Brown, Jocelyn Brown, Karl Brown – Good Life Beat Rivals Mix
  41. Cafe 432, Rose Windross – Love Take Over Cafe 432 Remix
  42. Kaippa, Kathy Brown – I Can’t Explain Cafe 432 Remix
  43. Niko! Balodimas – Mentor Kelvin Sylvester DKMA Tribute Mix(missing)
  44. Mr.Eclectic, Sincerity Garcia – Whats The Cure Original Mix
  45. Alex Poet, Hannah Khemoh – Never Had A Love Extended Mix
  46. Brian Jackson – All Talk OPOLOPO Club Remix
  47. Sheila Ford, Kiko Navarro – Harmony (My Name Is Sheila) Kiko Navarro & DJ Spen’s Decadence Funk Explosion
  48. Angel-A, Wez Whynt – Where You Are Wez’s Main Vocal Mix – Timmy Regisford Edit
  49. Syren Rivers, Frankie Feliciano – By My Side Feliciano Classic Vocal Mix
  50. Antonello Ferrari, Aldo Bergamasco, Angela Mosley – Rushing Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Club Mix
  51. Emmaculate – Voodoo Original Mix
  52. Lefunken – Jesus Children Lefunken Vocal
  53. Duron Tarik – Twice Club Elevation Mashup(missing)
  54. Terrence Parker – Help is on the Way
  55. Pigsie – No Highway Scott Diaz Remix
  56. DJ Spen, Michelle John – You Are My Friend DJ Meme Remix
  57. Dennis Ferrer, K.T. Brooks – How Do I Let Go Paul Adam Extended Remix
  58. Damond Ramsey – Sunrise In Mexico DJ Spen & Damond Ramsey Remix
  59. Pathy Andréas, Soulbridge – Dancing With You Original Mix
  60. Soulstar Syndicate, Darryl D’Bonneau – Don’t Take My Music Away Rob Hayes Soulful Remix
  61. Sy Sez, His Bitter Truth – Don’t You Worry Pablo Martinez Remix
  62. Flamingo Pier, KÉDU, Nathan Haines – Last Call Sean McCabe Remix
  63. Steve Madera, Brian Alexander Morgan – Smile Original Mix
  64. DJ Beloved, Kenny Bobien – Heaven Sent Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix
  65. Steal Vybe, Stephanie Renee, Chris Forman, Damon Bennett – Something Special Steal Vybe’s Love Soulful House Mix
  66. Sheila Ford, DJ Spen – Why Can’t You See Louie Vega and Dj Spen Extended Vocal Mix
  67. Yooks, Ziggy Funk – Organic Original Mix
  68. Kelli Sae, Atjazz – Right Now Atjazz Vocal Mix
  69. Black Sauce – Abigail Mannix Classic Vocal Mix
  70. Glenn Underground – Happy Hour Instrumental
  71. Lefunken – Can You Feel It Lefunken Vocal
  72. Soulfuledge, CandaceK – One Heartbeat at a Time Soulfuledge’s Lovestruck Vocal Mix
  73. Diogo Strausz – Emancipacao Ron Trent Remix
  74. Wayne Williams, DJ Spen, Richard Burton, Tasha LaRae – Let God Work Dub Mix
  75. Brutha Basil, Kelvin Sylvester – I Work Brukel Soulful Work Mix
  76. Peverell, Karmina Dai – The Feeling Feat. Karmina Dai Extended Mix
  77. Walter G – Soul Charge Luis Radio Remix
  78. BKT, Marie Tweek – Let Me Love You Sophisticado Soul Vocal
  79. Ron Carroll – Don’t Loose Our Love Main Mix(missing)
  80. Hannah Khemoh, Sean McCabe, Black Sonix – Queen Sean McCabe and Black Sonix Vocal Mix
  81. Stacy Kidd – Someone Else Main Mix
  82. Ron Carroll – Summer In Chicago Main Mix(missing)
  83. Tracy Hamlin – Home Kenny Carpenter Revised Wiz Mix
  84. Louie Vega – Deep Burnt Feat. Axel Tosca Original Mix
  85. DJ Spen, Sheila Ford, Gary Hudgins – Mr. Melody DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Cotton Club Mix
  86. Harley&Muscle, Christopher McCray – What You Do to Me Main Vocal
  87. Robert Owens, Pepper Gomez, Eric Kupper – Be Ready Eric Kupper Remix
  88. SoulLab, Jay Nemor – (Together) Put Your Hands Deepo Vocal Remix
  89. Dawn Williams – New Me Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules Remix
  90. Inaya Day, Robin S – Right Now A Director’s Cut Master
  91. Terry Hunter, Divine Brown – Angel Extended Mix
  92. The Sweet Fantastic, Lesley Williams – Hypnotisin’ (Get Down) North Street West Vocal Remix
  93. Sebb Junior, Tasha LaRae – Never Be Alone Sebb & Spen’s Dirty Disco Mix
  94. Michele Chiavarini – Let Me See You (Clap Your Hands) DJ Spen’s Decadence Re-Edit
  95. Stacy Kidd – Not Perfect Main Jazz Mix
  96. Frankie Feliciano, Kenny Bobien – Miracles (Bang The Drum Remix) Bang The Drum Vocal
  97. Kennedy Simone – He Loves Me Jerry C. King’s C.H.L.P. Fire Vocal Drum Mix
  98. David Morales, DJ Spen, Carla Prather – I Got The Love David Morales NYC Mix
  99. Mike Lindup – Time To Let Go Louie Vega Remix Expansions NYC Instrumental Remix
  100. Vick Lavender – / Where It All Started / Vick’s Deep Time Traveler Mix