TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House Of March 2023

TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House Of March 2023
Download TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House Of March 2023
RELEASE TITLE:TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House Of March 2023
GENRES:Soulful House
RELEASE DATE:2023-04-03



  1. Akabu, Dave Lee ZR, Jinadu – Highways (feat. Jinadu) (Cody Currie Remix)
  2. Akabu, Dave Lee ZR, Jinadu – Highways (feat. Jinadu) (Dave Lee Medusa Dub)
  3. Akabu, Dave Lee ZR, Jinadu – Highways (feat. Jinadu) (Dave Lee Medusa Mix)
  4. Andrea Love, Mind Street – Celebrate feat. Andrea Love (Richard Earnshaw Extended Revibe)
  5. Avant, Terry Hunter – Nothing Without You (Terry Hunter Remix)
  6. Beat Rivals, Andre Espeut – You Are The Answer
  7. Brandon Markell Holmes, Cee ElAssaad – Messiah [toucan sounds]
  8. Cafe 432 feat Nina-Jayne – On My Mind (Extended Club Mix)
  9. Consuela Ivy As Swaylo, K’Ture, DJ Oji – Send For Me (Original Vocal) [POJI Records]
  10. Corey Holmes, Janyce Koco Murray – Must Be Nice
  11. Corey Homles, Marlo Cozart – We Are One (Vocal Mix) [New Generation Records]
  12. Craig C, RaShaan Houston – The Lord Is Blessing Me (feat. Rashaan Houston) (DC Lord Is Blessing This Vamp)
  13. Crystal Waters & David Anthony – 2B Luv Part 3 (David Morales Club Mix)
  14. DAN_ROS – Simple
  15. David Morales & Scott Paynter ft Romina Johnson – Give Me More (Sunday Mass Vocal)
  16. Diephuis & Eastar – Make a Way (feat. Pete Simpson) [Diephuis Records]
  17. DJ Fudge – In Heaven (Original Mix)
  18. DJ Fudge, Chinua Hawk – Who’s Gonna Save The World (Vocal Mix) [Foliage Records]
  19. DJ Spen, Michelle John – You Are My Friend (DJ Meme Extended Vocal Remix)
  20. Eddie Stockely & Charles (Chill 00) Mitchell – Miracle Worker (Chill 00 & DJ Spen’s Main Mix)
  21. Eric Roberson, Julius Jordan – Real Good Time (Shannon Chambers 1Sound Remix)
  22. Est8, Sander Nijbroek – The Fall (Richard Earnshaw Extended Remix)
  23. Ezel, Rona Ray – History Repeating (Original Mix)
  24. Ferry Ultra, Roy Ayers – Dangerous Vibes feat. Roy Ayers (Emmaculate Remix)
  25. Flowersons – Love Of My Life (Corey Holmes Remix)
  26. Hallex M – Don’t Lose Yourself (Laroye Instrumental Future Afromix) [feat. Ammo Moses]
  27. Hallex M David Morin – U Do It 4 Me (DJ Spinnas Journey Remix)
  28. Hallex M, Ammo Moses – Don’t Lose Yourself (Laroye Future Afromix)
  29. Hallex M, Rona Ray, Coflo – Can’t Turn Time Back (Coflo Turnt It Back Remix)
  30. Honeysweet – Being Free
  31. JDs Time Machine ft Cleveland P Jones – Kiss of Freedom (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)
  32. Joe Ventura, Ceevox, Doug Gomez – Coming On Strong (feat- Ceevox) (Doug Gomez AmaSoul Edit)
  33. Jovonn Armstrong, Jovonn – Close Ya Eyes (Oh Yeah!) (Main Mix)
  34. Julius Jordan, Eric Roberson, James Poyser, Terry Hunter – Real Good Time (Post Disco Club Mix)
  35. Kaigo – Love Symphony (DJ Meme Extended Mix) [Irma Dancefloor]
  36. Kengo – More Than You’ll Ever Know (feat. Kenny Bobien) [Bang the Drum Edit] [Makin’ Moves]
  37. Kenny Bobien, Masaki Morii – Walk Into The Light (Masaki Morii Remix) [King Street Sounds]
  38. Kings Of Tomorrow, Sara Kirby – RUNNING (Sandy Rivera’s Classic Mix)
  39. Krewcial, Nimiwari – Whatever It Takes
  40. Louie Vega – A Place Where We Can All Be Free (feat. Janine Sugah Lyrics Lyons) [Nervous Records]
  41. Louie Vega – Atmosphere Strut (feat. DJ Spinna) [Tribute To Patrick Adams] [Nervous Records]
  42. Louie Vega – The Star of A Story (feat. Lisa Fischer) [Long Version] [Nervous Records]
  43. Louie Vega – The Star Of A Story feat Lisa Fischer (Vamp Star Dub)
  44. Luis Radio – For You (Original Mix)
  45. Luis Radio – Human Chemistry (Original Mix)
  46. Luis Radio – Reach Up (Original Mix)
  47. M.Luc – In My Soul (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Praise Party Remix)
  48. Mark Francis – Chasing (Vocal)
  49. Mark Lewis – Nobody Knows (Flow Culture Vocal)
  50. Marshall Jefferson, Ten City – Love Is Love (Extended Mix)
  51. Michal Martyniuk, Eric Kupper, Yanika – New Things (feat. YaniKa) (Eric Kupper Remix)
  52. Michele Chiavarini, Andre Espeut – Like A Winner (Main Mix)
  53. Micky More – Andy Tee, Reverendos Of Soul, Anduze – Devoted (Extended Mix)
  54. Mijangos – Into the Philly Sound (Luis Radio Remix)
  55. MissFly, Crue Paris, B Ross – Good – Plenty Love (B Ross Remix)
  56. Monodeluxe feat. Diviniti – Never Stop (Kelvin Sylvester Vocal Mix)
  57. Muzikman Edition – 3D Galaxy (Muzikman Edition Original)
  58. Nastic Groove – Over You [Candid Beings Recordings]
  59. Nicolas Bassi, Roxiie Reese – The Only One (Original Mix)
  60. One51 – Si Weka (Groove Junkies Remix)
  61. Oscar P – All I Do Is Think (N.W.N. Remix)
  62. Pat Bedeau – Synchronicity da Dubs [Bedfunk]
  63. Pete Simpson, Mijangos – Wont You See Me (Mijangos Vocal Mix) [Vibe Boutique Records]
  64. Physical Education – Hurt so Good (Vocal Mix) [Househead Trax]
  65. Prefix One & Chidi Mayamiko – Organic Approach [Househead London]
  66. Reggie Steele – Wind (Cee ElAssaad Remix) [Makin’ Moves]
  67. Revival & Phebe Edwards & GeO Gospel Choir – Think (Club Version)
  68. Ricky Morrison, Brian Lucas, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins – Love Is (DJ Spen – Gary Hudgins Miami Disco Mix)
  69. Roachford – Got To Be (Extended House Mix) [SoulHouse Music]
  70. Rocco Rodamaal, Monique Bingham – Post Truth Youth (Original Mix)
  71. Ron Carroll – My Prayer (Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Mix)
  72. Ron Carroll, Swaylo – Something Beautiful (Dr Packer Extended Remix)
  73. Rudi’Kastic – Distance (Original Mix)
  74. Sahib Muhammad – My Pain (Belongs 2 U)
  75. Shaka – Got To Get Better (Original Mix)
  76. Shawn Christopher – Surrender (Eric Kupper Extended Mix) [Easy Street]
  77. Sheree Hicks, DjPope, Charles Dockins – Solid (CDOCK’S Funkhut Acoustic Vocal)
  78. Sheree Hicks, DjPope, Charles Dockins – Solid (Funkhut Original Club Vocal)
  79. Shino Blackk – Managed (Blackk Vokal)
  80. Shino Blackk, Kevin O – Black Latin (Latin Hunter Vocal)
  81. Stacy Kidd – Lovin (House 4 Life Mix)
  82. Stacy Kidd – My Love (House 4 Life Mix)
  83. Stacy Kidd – The More I Groove (Main Mix) [House 4 Life]
  84. Steal Vybe, Damon Bennett, Stephanie Renee – Reach (Chris Forman’s Reinterpretation Remix)
  85. Stephanie Cooke, Jonny Montana – Love Like This (Latin Soul Mix)
  86. Teddy Douglas – Betcha Wouldn-t Hurt Me (Vocal Mix)
  87. Ten City & Marshall Jefferson – Woman Of The Sun
  88. Ten City, Marshall Jefferson – Family (Extended Mix)
  89. The Ebonys – What Did You Do Today (DJ Fella & DJ Spen Remix)
  90. Turbojazz – In Love Again (feat. Sean McCabe & Nikki O) [Last Forever Records]
  91. Twolegs – Summerhouse [Gents & Dandy’s]
  92. Underground Ministries & Kenny Bobien – I Shall Not Be Moved (Bobby D’Ambrosio Remix)
  93. UPZ, Danny J, Mani Hoffman – Love Is Not For Hire (Sir Young SA & UPZ Remix)
  94. Walter G – Velvet Touch [Groovebom Records]
  95. Wez Whynt feat. Angel-A – Jesus Children (Main Mix)
  96. Yooks & Don Luciano – Blue Sky [Infinity Music Recordings – Mar 23]
  97. Yooks, Rebecca Scales – Shine (Original Mix)
  98. Yooks, Unqle Chriz – You Turn Me On (Original Mix) [Infinity Music Recordings]