Traxsource Top 100 Soulful House of May 2022

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RELEASE TITLE:Traxsource Top 100 Soulful House of May 2022
GENRES:Soulful House
RELEASE DATE:2022-06-01



  1. AMP Fiddler, Andrés, Dames Brown – What Would You Do feat. Andrés feat. Amp Fiddler (Expansions NYC Extended Dub Vocal)
  2. Arnaud D, Venuz Beats, MissFly – To The Sky (Soulful Mix) – (Vibe Boutique Records)
  3. Banana Republic, Patrick Prins – Here with Me (Banana Republic Club Vocal) – (Catch Records)
  4. Bizio Cool & Miranda Nicole – What A Time To Be Alive (Original Mix)
  5. Bizio Cool – Track 34 [CATELE RECORDINGS]
  6. Booker T, Kings Of Soul, Michael Gray – If You Take My Love (Michael Gray Vocal Remix) – (Liquid Deep)
  7. Booker T, Natasha Watts – Let It Go (Main Vocal Mix) – (Liquid Deep)
  8. Brutha Basil, Kelvin Sylvester – Without U (Kelvin’s Soulful Vocal Mix) – (Brukel Music)
  9. Cafe 432 & Antoinette Roberson – Devoted (Extended Club Mix) [Soundstate Records]
  10. Cafe 432, Bryan Chambers, Kathy Brown – Over & Over (Extended Classic Gospel Mix)
  11. Cassio Ware, Big Logan, Dave Lalla – Cassio’s Vibe (Thinking About You) (Vocal Mix) – (Aqua Sol)
  12. Charles Dockins – Endless Love (CDock’s Orig. Concept Mix) – (Coco Wax)
  13. Charles Dockins – He Will (CDock’s Orig. Concept Mix) – (Radiant Soul)
  14. Charles Dockins – Love Planet (CDock’s Funk Soul Mix) – (Jazzu)
  15. Charles Dockins – Love Planet (CDock’s Original Concept Mix) – (Jazzu)
  16. Charles Dockins, Doug Gomez – Our Day (Doug Gomez And CDock Infusion Vocal Mix) – (Ebony Sky)
  17. Chris Geldard – It’s Your Time (Original Mix) – (unquantize)
  18. Christine Ariya, Rightside, Mark Di Meo – It Ain’t Right (Rightside & Mark Di Meo HOV Mix) – (Soulstice Music)
  19. Crackazat – Everybody Talks About It (Original Mix)
  20. Crackazat, Ron Trent – Simple Things (Ron Trent Remix) – (Freerange)
  21. Damond Ramsey, Ed Ramsey – Shine Your Light (Original Mix) – (Quantize Recordings)
  22. Darryl D’Bonneau, Dr Packer – Just To Be With You (Dr Packer Remix) – (Easy Street)
  23. David Morales – WEPAAA [DIRIDIM]
  24. DJ Bullet, Don Luciano, Mark Lewis – I Feel Safe (Mark Lewis Flow Culture Remix) – (201 Records)
  25. DJ Disciple, Shari, Demarkus Lewis – Move Your Body (DL Remix) – (Catch 22)
  26. DjPope – The Movement (DjPope Funkhut Main) – (FunkHut Records)
  27. Don-E, Tommy Musto – Lovin’ You (ZH Vocal Mix) – (Makin Moves)
  28. Ear Funk, Ann Mimoun – Wrong (Extended Mix) – (Faderz Records)
  29. Eddie Stockley, Derrick Ricky Nelson, Ace Mungin, DJ Sir Charles Dixon – Mercy Me Remix (Second Story Vocal Mix) – (AceBeat Music)
  30. Ezel & Rona Ray – No Gravity (Original Mix) – (Bayacou Records)
  31. Fizzikx – Funk N’ Slice (Original Mix) – (BALLLOOM)
  32. Goshawk, Erik Rico – Can’t Get Enough – (Atjazz Record Company)
  33. Groove Assassin – Fallin (Main Mix) – (Things May Change!)
  34. Gumzito – Feel What I Feel (feat. Richelle Hicks) [Main Vocal Mix] [Widemboyz Musiq]
  35. Influence Peddlers (John Crockett And Luis ‘Blademaster’ Lopez) – Nebula (Main)
  36. Jama Ita, Tpeah, Soulbridge – I Choose You (Soulbridge Mix) – (Soulbridge Records)
  37. Jame Starck, Linda Axelsson, DJ Spen – Ride Of Love (DJ Spen Mix) – (Quantize Recordings)
  38. Jason Merced – Finger Sorcery (DJ Spen & David Harness Remix)
  39. Jihad Muhammad – Expansions (Original Mix) – (Nite Grooves)
  40. John Beltran – Ondas (Kiko Navarro Motor City Jazz Remix) – (MotorCity Wine)
  41. John Khan, Paul Lyons – Magic (Original Mix) – (Soul Good Recordings)
  42. John Khan, Paul Lyons, Leighton Jones – Sooner Or Later (Classic 22 Extended Mix) – (Soul Good Recordings)
  43. Le Croque, Tasha LaRae – Too Late (Original Mix) – (Soulstice Music)
  44. Le Croque, Tasha LaRae, Neil Pierce – Too Late (Neil Pierce Remix) – (Soulstice Music)
  45. Lee Wilson, Brutha Basil, Kelvin Sylvester – Keep Keeping On (Brukel Soulful Mix) – (Brukel Music)
  46. Lesny Deep – The Flute [Groovebom Records]
  47. Louie Vega – Come Away feat. Kerri Chandler (Extended Version)
  48. Louie Vega – Deep Burnt feat. Axel Tosca (Extended Version)
  49. Louie Vega – Free To Love feat. Karen Harding (Extended Version)
  50. Louie Vega – It’s All Good feat. Debbie Winans Lowe & Korean Soul (Louie Vega Extended Remix)
  51. Louie Vega – Joy Universal feat. Two Soul Fusion (Extended Version)
  52. Louie Vega – Seven Mile feat. Moodymann (Extended Version)
  53. Louie Vega – The Star of A Story feat. Lisa Fischer (Extended Version)
  54. Louie Vega – Touch The Sky feat. Tony Momrelle (Extended Version)
  55. Louie Vega, Robyn – All My Love feat. Robyn (Extended Version)
  56. Luis Radio – Wurly Chant (Walter G Remix) [Groovebom Records]
  57. Luis Radio, Stefano Guerra – Let It Go (Original Mix)
  58. Luka, Sio, Shur-I-Kan – Just a Taste (Shur-I-Kan Lifted Mix) – (The Bliss Beyond)
  59. Mario Ferrini, Justina Lee Brown, Aaron Arce- Didn’t I (Aaron Arce Afro Disco Mix)
  60. Mark Wilkinson, Rita Campbell, Michele Chiavarini – Runaway Love (Original Mix) – (Life Remixed)
  61. Mellow Man – Serious – (Peppermint Jam)
  62. Michael Gray & Kimberly Brown – Brother Brother (Booker T Vocal Remix) [Sultra Records]
  63. Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw, Micky More & Andy Tee – Lose Control (Micky More & Andy Tee Vocal Mix) – (Groove Culture)
  64. Mike City, Mark Francis, Kelvin Sylvester – Their Flowers (Kelvin Sylvester Remix) – (Vibe Boutique Records)
  65. Mind Street, Cinnamon Brown & Muzikman – It’s Alright (Muzikman Edition Nyc Remix) [Soul N Pepa]
  66. Mona Bode’, PirahnaHead – Beautiful (Original Epiphany Mix) – (ManMachine Productions LLC)
  67. Mr. Flip, Kai Alce – Hit Different (NDATL Style Remix) – (Yoruba Records)
  68. Nzingha Ashford, Dj Sir Charles Dixon, Derrick Ricky Nelson, Todd Terry- Top of the Clouds (Todd Terry Extended Mix)
  69. Pat Bedeau & DJ Romain – Back in the Day (Dub Mix) [Bedfunk]
  70. Ralf GUM, Tortured Soul – Maybe More (Ralf GUM Main Mix) – (GOGO Music)
  71. Ralphi Rosario, Samantha Blanchard, David Morales – You Used to Hold Me (David Morales Nyc Mix) [Cha Cha Boom! Recordings]
  72. Roberto Telli, Tracy Hamlin – One Thing On My Mind (Original Extended Mix) – (Groove Culture)
  73. Roland & Brother Rich – Roger Moore’s Living Room – (Tropical Disco Records)
  74. Ross Couch – Reach Out [Body Rhythm Records]
  75. Ross Couch – Summer Wish [Body Rhythm]
  76. Roy Jazz Grant, Kaile – FREE (Extended Vocal Club Mix) – (Apt D4 Records)
  77. Shake The Dog, Monique Bingham, Jose Carretas – Run (Jose Carretas Son Liva Remix) – (Son Liva)
  78. Sol Brown, Hannah Khemoh – Believe (Main Mix) – (Love Stay Recordings)
  79. Soulbridge, Kathy Brown – Dance To The Rhythm Of Love – (HSR Records)
  80. Soulface, Unqle Chriz, Chris Deepak – I’ve Got Love For You (Chris Deepak Vocal Mix) – (Deep Soul Space)
  81. Soulista, Tasha LaRae – One Kiss (Original Soulista Vocal) – (POJI Records)
  82. Stacy Kidd, Lee Wilson – Make Love (Main Mix) – (House 4 Life)
  83. Sueno Soul, Kat Kyrris – Only You (Original Mix) – (Grooveland Music)
  84. Syren Rivers, Frankie Feliciano, Sean McCabe – By My Side (Sean McCabe Patterns Vocal Mix) (Sean McCabe Patterns Vocal Remix)
  85. Tarrey Torae, Shannon Chambers – Freedom Ride (Shannon Chambers 1Sound Remix) – (Mirror Ball Recordings)
  86. Tarrey Torae, Terry Hunter – Freedom Ride (Terry’s Freedom Club Mix) – (Mirror Ball Recordings)
  87. Tenobi, Richard Earnshaw – What You Need (Richard Earnshaw Revision) – (Blockhead Recordings)
  88. The Clark Sisters, DJ Spen – You Brought The Sunshine (DJ Spen Remix) – (Quantize Recordings)
  89. The Sunburst Band, Dave Lee ZR – Garden Of Love (Dam Swindle Remix- Dave Lee There 4 U Edit) [Z Records]
  90. Thommy Davis, Aaron K. Gray, Tasha LaRae, Kenny Carpenter – For Every Mountain (Kenny Carpenter Remix)
  91. Tommy Heron & Eugene Glasgow – I Can’t Wait [Huge Music]
  92. Two Suns, DJ Red, Siobhan Jones, Michael Gray – So Good (Michael Gray Remix) – (Sultra Records)
  93. Walter G – What Do You Mean (Original Mix) – (CATELE RECORDINGS)
  94. Wez Whynt, Cleo Simone – Don’t Take Your Time (Original) – (totheRockRecords)
  95. Wipe The Needle, Sacha Williamson – On Time (WTN 4X4 Mix) – (Z Records)
  96. Yooks, Hannah Khemoh – Try My Love (Original Mix) – (Infinity Music Recordings)
  97. Yooks, Rona Ray, Dj Beloved – Goosebumps (DJ Beloved’s BPM Remix)
  98. Zed Bias, Jaki Graham, Shur-I-Kan – The Music (Shur-I-Kan Vocal Mix) – (Foliage Records)