TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House of September 2023

TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House of September 2023
Download TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House of September 2023
RELEASE TITLE:TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House of September 2023
GENRES:Soulful House
RELEASE DATE:2023-10-02



  1. Alessandra Castronovo – Best Part (Terry Hunter & Wayne Williams Club Mix)
  2. Atjazz, Shea Soul – Home (Vocal Mix) – (Reel People Music)
  3. B Ross – DREAMS (VOCAL MIX)
  4. Bah Samba,Dave Lee,Vanessa Haynes – Save Our Freedom – Dave Lee (Original Vibe Mix)
  5. Beat Rivals, Tracy Hamlin – Unlikeable Love
  6. Benji Candelario, Tamira Sanders – Just Say The Word (DJ Spen & Ezel Remix)
  7. Blaze, Alexander Hope, Jimpster – Wonderland (feat. Alexander Hope) (Jimpster Extended Remix)
  8. Blaze, Honey Dijon, Sutra – Music & Life (Timmy Regisford Long Remix) [Micronautics]
  9. Booker T, Wheeler Del Torro, Kenny Bobien – Keep It Coming (Main Vocal Mix)
  10. Brutha Basil, Kelvin Sylvester – Sweet Tears 2023 (Brukel Music Vocal Mix)
  11. Callyy – Don’t Lock Me Out (Extended Mix)
  12. Cee ElAssaad, Lee Wilson – Music Is The Cure (Original Mix)
  13. Chris Forman, Damon Bennett, Rona Ray, Steal Vybe – Kisses Don’t Lie (Steal Vybe’s Garden Of Love Mix)
  14. col lawton, Don Swing – Wisdom (Original Mix)
  15. Dani Vasser, David Anthony – I Keeps It Moving (Club Mix)
  16. Daniele Busciala, Sofiya Nzau – COme (Original Mix)
  17. Danism, Train (UK), DJ Rae, DTR Project – Shadows (Harry Romero Extended Remix)
  18. Danny Clark, Kenny Bobien – The Writing’s On The Wall (Original Mix)
  19. Dark Horse, Jack_M – Lost Boy [Yela Records]
  20. Dav Risen x MoreSoul x Nani Experience – Grace & Mercy
  21. David Bailey, Missfly – You Don’t Know (Underground Project Extended Mix)
  22. Deep Zone – Praise Him (Lift Your Hands Up) [feat. Ceybil Jefferies] (DJ Spen & KW Griff Extended Klub Mix)
  23. Deep Zone – Praise Him (Lift Your Hands Up) [feat. Ceybil Jefferies] (DJ Spen Retroactive Dub)
  24. Deep Zone, Ceybil Jefferies – Praise Him (Lift Your Hands Up) [feat. Ceybil Jefferies] (DJ Spen Retroactive Extended Remix)
  25. Deon Cole, Terisa Griffin, Terry Hunter – Where The Freaks At (Terry Hunter Club Mix)
  26. Digital Native (BDM), Pastor Jason Hendrickson – Goodness Praise Break (Main)
  27. Distant People, Sulene Fleming – Better Than Ever (Original Mix) [Soul N Pepa]
  28. DJB510 – Speak (Original Mix) [Skuzz Records]
  29. DjPope, Andrea Britton – In the Place I Love (Funkhut Main) [Househead London]
  30. Doug Gomez, Aaron K Gray – Without you (feat. Aaron K Gray) (Original Mix)
  31. Emeli Sandé, Revival, Jools Holland, GeO Gospel Choir – Brighter Days [Revival Records Ltd]
  32. Emmaculate, Lee Wilson – New Day (Club Mix)
  33. Eric Kupper – Chosen One (Original Mix)
  34. Eric Kupper – Not Today (Original Mix)
  35. Eric Redd – Rick James, Bitch (Booker T Remix)
  36. Exte C – Boogie With Ex
  37. Freeez, Dr Packer – Southern Freeez (Dr Packer Extended Mix)
  38. Fuminori Kagajo – Journey Into Dream (Rework)
  39. Funkky, Nuzu Deep, The Realm – Sixth Sense (The Realm Remix)
  40. Griffith Malo – Lovin (Original Mix)
  41. Groove Cocktail, Folkness – Together (Folkness Extended ‘Piano Shizzle’ Remix) [Taste The Music]
  42. Groove Invaderz, Nicole Tyler, Richard Earnshaw – Keep Risin’ (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Remix)
  43. Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Tertulien Thomas, Mijan, David Harness – It Seems To Hang On (David Harness Remixes) (David Harness Vox Remix)
  44. Groove Junkies, Solara – Shine (GJs Awakenings Vox)
  45. Groove Junkies, Solara – Shine (The Remixes) (Groove Junkies Classic Vox)
  46. Inaya Day, DJ Spen, Soulfuledge – Ummah-Ye (Soulfuledge & DJ Spen Deep House Remix) [Quantize Recordings]
  47. Izo FitzRoy – God Gets a Little Busy Sometimes (Cosmodelica Remix)
  48. Jamie 326, Danou P – Earl Montana
  49. John Khan, Booker T – Kool Cat (Booker T Satta Dub Edit)
  50. Kathy Brown & Sonic Soul Orchestra – So Into You feat. Kathy Brown (DJ Meme Reboot Mix)
  51. Kenny Bobien, Gianluca Pighi, Massimo Paramour – Love All Around The World (Original Mix)
  52. Kid Fonque, Liv East – So Badly (Kid Fonque Remix)
  53. Lola Vialet – All Or Nothing (Terry Hunter Club Remix)
  54. Luis Radio – Alkemy (Original Mix)
  55. LukaMusic – Praise Him (feat. Bubz)
  56. Madeeha Mubarak, Sean Mccabe, DJ Mixjah – Still Standing Here (Sean McCabe Remix)
  57. Mannix, Pete Simpson – Wanting You (Richard Earnshaw Extended Sugarsoul Mix)
  58. Marc Cotterell – Feel The Groove (Deep Garage Extended Mix)
  59. Mark Lewis – Best Of Me (Flow Culture Vocal)
  60. Mark Lewis – Forever (Vocal)
  61. Maurice Joshua, DeiSelah – Filled With Love (Main Mix) [Maurice Joshua Digital]
  62. Max & Aston Evans, MissFly – Twisted (Main Mix)
  63. Michael Gray, Tatiana Owens – Invincible (Original Mix)
  64. Mind State, Tess Leah, Sol Brown – For You (Sol Brown Remix)
  65. Miranda Nicole, Ron Carroll – Love Of My Life (RC Extended Club Mix)
  66. Opolopo, Jaki Graham – Fire (Extended Mix)
  67. Opolopo, Robin S, Mothers Favorite Child – Tonight (Opolopo Remix)
  68. Panevino, Rachel LaVonne – Are You With Me (Deep Soul Syndicate Remix)
  69. Pat Bedeau, Hannah Khemoh – Got To Have Your Love (Main Mix)
  70. Portia Monique – Grace (Sir LSG & The Bless Remix)
  71. Reggie Steele – THE BEST THAT I’VE GOT
  72. Reggie Steele, Dawn Souluvn Williams – Vulnerable (Main Mix)
  73. Risk Assessment, Monica Blaire – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Grant Nelson Remix)
  74. Ron Carroll – A New Day (Dr Packer Remix) (Dr Packer Remix)
  75. Ronnie Herel, Kenny Thomas, Cafe 432 – The Sun Will Rise Again (Cafe 432 Remix)
  76. Sandy Rivera, Mike Dunn, April Morgan – I Won’t Let Go feat. April Morgan (Extended Mix)
  77. Seamus Haji, Michael Gray, Phebe Edwards – You Bring The Sun (Groove Assassin Classic Extended Remix)
  78. Shino Blackk – 4 Ever A Thing (Blackk Vokal)
  79. Shino Blackk – Kept (Corey Holmes Remix)
  80. Shino Blackk – Kept (The Blackk Mix)
  81. Shino Blackk, Gary Adams – Fallin (Blackk Dropped It)
  82. Shino Blackk, Gary Adams – Fallin (Caught Up Print)
  83. Shino Blackk, Gary Adams, Corey Holmes – Fallin (Corey Holmes Remix)
  84. Sonic Soul Orchestra, Kathy Brown – So Into You (Original Vocal Mix)
  85. Swaylo, Mark Francis – Merci (Mark Francis Vocal Mix) – (201 Records)
  86. T.Markakis – Music In You
  87. T.Williams x Sio – Peace (extended mix)
  88. Teddy Douglas & Friends – Burning Up [Basement Boys]
  89. Teddy Douglas – Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me (Vocal Mix)
  90. Tee Smith, Emily Holligan – Keep On Going (Original Mix)
  91. Terry Dexter, Frankie Feliciano – With You (Feliciano Classic Vocal Mix)
  92. The Journey Men, Anna-Marie Johnson – Wanna Be Down (Marc Cotterell Plastik Vocal Mix)
  93. Todd Terry, Lee Wilson, Rudi’Kastic, DJ Christian B – Everyone Is Love (Extended Mix)
  94. weS! – FIght It (Original Mix)
  95. Yooks, Ed Ramsey – More Than That (Original Mix)
  96. Yvvan Back, Martina Budde – Hello Traveler (Extended Mix) [Groove Culture]